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Jumaat, 1 November 2013

How it could be?

"I need to talk to you!
YEah, important.!"

But i can't, because i know you will not listen to me. yeah. Im not a person, that you would glance.
But , you progressively annoys.
Why? you make me hate you
with your actions.
to our mum.

I hate the way you broke our mother's heart
father's heart. 

   Besides, I am also disgusted with her. What is this!? because her you changed your life, you did the stupid things to this family? owh, please~!!  i knew, she helped you to bear the school fees, but your behaviors was like you used her, i knew you love her. BUT i really hate the boy love his girlfriend and ignore their parents. 
YOU were stupid! huh? i knew that you knew the HARAM to have a couple. Again, you being the stup*

    It all started, when you come back to this country.Malaysia. We all hope to you to make the best for this family. But hopes was broken when we realized you had change your life. You had a girl in your heart. She was very far from you. Mes** .  I knew that you miss her. Yeah, you can't meet her. I had spy you sms,

"awak, jangan dekat dengan lelaki lain, tau, saya sorang jer....."  and bla-bla-bla-

caused this anxiety.
You bacame weird. You be a very different person, and espeacielly you hurt your parents' hearts. How dare you!
Last wednesday, you went to KL to register the new university. MSU 
With parents, yeah you must think about their sacrifies to you, such as that you know, MSU was swasta.

MAHAL, okeyh~! -.-

oh, I did not expect it, you will meet her there, yeah. You like it, but not for mum . Mother disgusted with her. Tak nak pandang dia, yeah, tak nak kenal dia. Then, you talked to mum

"MA, ini bukanlah nak cakap pasal couple or apa ker, tapi respect lah orang, dah tolong kita baya RM 3000 lebih dah, respect lah"


what do you all think huh? dumb right?
my mum replied

"owh, mama ngan abah yang berkorban beribu-ribu ni ada kau hormat, ma bagi RM 2000 lebih beli laptop, habis rosak, (sifat dia sekarang: rosakkan harta benda), orang lain kau nak hormat pulak....." and bla-bla-bla

For me, my mum was talk the truth, He was dumb!! -.-
I hope you read this bad guy! You make me HATE you.

After that, my mum told my father what happenned, and my father said,

"biarlah dia, nak abaikan, abah ni,, orang dah tolong dia hantar ni pun dia masih lagi....... " and bla-bla-bla

yeah, My parents hurt, huh! 
so the moral is? please don't be selfish, please grateful and respect you parent, please don't be stup* because that girl. Please be your old. The man that make his da'wah is his life.

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  1. Whyh-why-why.. okeyh aku pun tak suka orang yang lebih respect GF than parents. adalah nyampah sikit.


komen kerana allah.. untuk menegur saya dengan baik, alhamdulillah terima kasih.. ^^

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