The Lady Entries Masterpiece

Rabu, 3 Disember 2014

When shit eat you.

Hello everybody, maybe this picture get this entry some worst, but I gonna tell you all about what I had realize about ego people. As my life has working in fifteen years, I had face almost of kind things and kind of people. The very major is EGO people. Im not talking about my enemies or my friends or other people, because Im talking about myselft too.

EGO. The only requirement to destroy any relationship.
EGO. Keep us from saying things we really need to say like "I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, IM SORRY"
EGO. Make people think they're big. BIG. big. --"
EGO really make me feel worst everyday, everytime. Not only me, but also you, them, he, she. Because It's not actually we are, because we are not ego. Humans not ego, they are naturally.

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