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Sabtu, 8 September 2018

say hye to uni life

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Well well well after a while i have not post any .... from 2015... ahahhh

Now.. I am 19 years old and already have a new life in a new place. Not really a new life but kind of .. because Im surrounded 99.8% new people.

Iam far away from my family. Well some people may think it such a sadfull thing to being far away from the family. But not me, thts what I want since the start. At first , to accept thar i have this distance was also kind of homesick to me but seem like I already can adapt it well for this few days. 

It doesnt mean that I want to be this far away from my family for ever... but I think this is how I can find the way to fix all about myselft being a good person while having some fun.

 I need to build back all my condfident by living the place that only few people that I knew.

So this is the part where I can start again. And try not to make the old mistakes again.

   Which is about my selfish.... my selfish friendship.... my 'panas baran'....
I WANT TO BE A NICE and fun person and sweet girl :)

And the special part is I need to be a more grateful person... thats how to be happy... less complaining... go through all the stress shit without any angry rebel or complaining....

yeahhh i want to be that professional and nice person :) hey babe you can do this

and after this I wan to be a good daughter too ... 
you did have the mission babe.... 

All I want is here the challenging life tht will help me to build up my motivation life ....

Love spreading :)

and well youre ginna be a good nice and succesful daughter .... 


Khamis, 17 Disember 2015

#SiapaAku? Segmen 2015 Kalia

*Click to join this adorable segmen*

 Thanks to Kalia for create this rare segmen I though, sebab boleh freaking out segalanya KISAH AKU as you asked me SIAPA KAU?!
Before that, pasang lagu dalam blog acah feel sikit, and warning cerita pendek ni include Manglish, so siapa phobia jangan kecam.
Let's START 
 "Aku Hazwani Husna, selalunya orang panggil Una tapi dalam #SIAPAAKU ni aku nak dipanggil Jane"

   Jane selalunya acah jahat, tapi tiada siapa tahu sifat sebenar dia. Baikkah dia? Jahatkah dia? Aku benci dia, kadang-kadang aku sayang dia, Dia memang member aku yang sangat ego, dia kata dia tak pandai tunjuk sayang sebab dia rasa itu langsung tak memadai sesama sekali.

"Kau tunjuk sayang, tiada siapa akan nampak, tapi mereka akan cari buruk kau jugak"

Itu yang dia selalu kata pada aku. Itulah yang membuatkan dia selama ini ingin ACAH JAHAT. Tapi , ada masa secara tiba-tiba, dia kata "Aku sayang kau" , kemudian bila ditanya kembali, tidak pernah dijawabnya.

Khamis, 3 Disember 2015

Addicted to memories

 Featuring inspiration of styles and high

Today was the Third December in 2015, and I was very proud that hahhaa finally I get update this blog.Other than that, please ignore my baddas language here.

If you scroll down or click the back button, you'll find that this entry was the only in the 2015. HAHHHAHAAH. No, actually its not, because all of them was delete by me. Sebab tahun ni aku update entry paling mengarut sekali, atas sebab berlakunya kematangan dan hormon dan bla-bla-bla, dan segala yang muhasabah. 

And not forget to WELCOME my friends that was invite by me to read this blog, sebab selalunya stranger buddies je baca, ni aku nak acah acah rasmi blog, puii. Korang teruskan lah baca entri aku sampai zaman bayi aku kay, you'll find that Im growing up with different person in ME, hahaha Im serious. So, jangan terkejut tengok entri lama aku. Sebab aku pun terkejut kay, PUBERTY HIT ME. *someBOOINGcrowded*
By the way nak suggest entri, bacalah:

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